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Special Deals

Here is a sample of what we've been working on...

• 30-Hours of Classroom, $75 instead of $100

• 90-Minute Road Lessons, $70 instead of $80 each

• Driver Ed Certificate, $15 instead of $25

Add it all up and our "Pay-As-You-Go" introductory price is $650 instead of $765. You save $115.

• Weekday Road Test fee $100 instead of $125

(includes 60-minute refresher lesson prior to test)

(Click here for more info)

• Weekend Road Test now $100.

(Click here to register)

Want to Save even more $$$ ?

Our "Bundled Packages" tab is where it really gets exciting!

Introductory prices are for a limited number of newly enrolled students and are subject to change at any time. To "lock-in" these prices you must register via our Registration Form page.

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