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Planning to use our Services to schedule or host your Road Test?

Please read the following to avoid confusion later.

If you need something clarified, please send an email with your questions to:

Alternate Hours Road Tests are offered at our office during selected weeks throughout the year.

It is important that you, and your Parents understand the process. Ask questions if you do not understand something.

Your test CANNOT be cancelled by you once we submit your info to the RMV.

Future Drivers of America is pleased to offer our Alternate Hours Road Test Service to the General Public. The following information is presented so that you understand the process.


  • The most important thing for you to know is that the RMV decides what day and time the Test will begin. We have no control over that. If your schedule is not flexible then do not select the Alternate Hours Road Test.

  • The Test is sometimes referred to as a Weekend Test. Very rarely is the test conducted on a Weekend. It is most likely going to be on a Week Day, after 4:00pm. That means that during the winter months it will be dark out.
  • Once we submit your information to the RMV, you cannot cancel your Test without paying a penalty to both, the RMV & us. $35 to the RMV and $40 to us.
  • Regardless of your reason, if you are alive, you cannot cancel your Test.
  • That means that sporting events, performances, family events, exams, or time of day are not acceptable reasons for cancelling.
  • Payment for our services is due at the time of Registration.
  • Credit Card payments can be made on-line through our secure portal.
  • If you want to pay by Cash or Check, then you MUST do so before your Registration will be accepted by us.
  • There is a cut-off date to get onto the roster. That date is the Saturday two-weeks before the date on our website at 10:00pm.
  • Our website offers you the option of selecting which week you want to take your test. Be sure that your Driver Ed Certificate will be issued before the RMV tries to add you to the roster.
  • We publish the tests on our site using a Saturday date. That does not mean the test will be that date, it means that if the RMV approves our request, then your test will between that Saturday and the following Friday.
  • If our request is rejected, your information will be resubmitted for the following week. You will be notified of this change and be given an opportunity to cancel your test at that point.
  • Everyone that uses our services to schedule their test will be using us as the sponsor, and be driving one of our cars.
  • You will receive an email confirmation and instructions
  • You may also receive important info via text message
  • Be sure to provide an accurate email address and cell phone number. We cannot be held responsible if you provide incorrect contact information, permit number, or name as it appears on your permit.
  • If you have any questions about any part of the process please send an email to
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