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Driver Education Products & Prices

See the "Bundled Packages" page for special Pricing!!!

Permit Readiness Class: $45  (This class is currently not being offered)

First of it's kind in this area!

An entire class devoted to helping the future driver pass the Permit Test at the RMV.

This is a (1) day, 6-Hour Class designed for anyone over 15-years old.

Special emphasis on the Driving Manual portions that represent the majority of missed questions. Tuition includes the Driving Manual and access to both: over 200 sample permit test questions, and an analysis of weak points that need more attention.

Classroom Training: $260

All Classroom Training consists of a total of (15) 2-Hour Modules.

Pricing is identical, regardless of individual class length.

Classes are offered with the following options:

  • (5) 6-Hour Classes
  • (8) 4-Hour Classes
  • (15) 2-Hour Classes

Any missed classes MUST be "made-up" before you completing this phase. There is a written "Final Exam" administered at the conclusion of the 30-Hours, and a minimum score of 80% is required to pass. There is a short quiz at the conclusion of each Module. Scoring of the Module quiz is provided to highlight areas needing further study on the student's part.

Driver Education Manuals are available through the RMV.  They can also be downloaded from the RMV website.  All other course material is provided. All Classes over 3-Hours long will have either a lunch or dinner break for students to eat a meal. There is a small refrigerator and microwave available for these times.

Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) Road Lessons: 90-Min. $85,

BTW Road Lessons are scheduled at times that are convenient for you. A total of (12) Hours of BTW Road Lessons are required for students under 18-years old. Students are picked-up and dropped-off at a location of their choice. It can be at home, at school, at work, at a friends house, a bus or train station. Anyplace within our service area.

Please check our "Special Deals" and "Bundles" tab for some money saving options.

Observation Time: No-Charge

Observation Time is defined as one student driver sitting in the back seat "observing" another student driver during his/her BTW lesson. It is typically scheduled either before or at the conclusion of a BTW Road Lesson. A total of 6-Hours of Observation Time is required for students under 18-years old. When using our scheduling software, you will be reminded that you also need to schedule your Observation Time. Remember, there has to be another student driving on a BTW Road Lesson in order for you to schedule your Observation Time.

Parent/Guardian Class: No-Charge

This 2-Hour Class is designed to help Parents and Guardians understand the Driver Education process from their young driver getting their Learner Permit through their Road-Test. The course also illustrates how the fines and penalties differ for the new driver by explaining the Junior Operator Laws. This class is no-charge for parents/guardians of students enrolled in the program at Future Drivers of America, but does need to be scheduled as class sizes are restricted to just 30.

Please, only (1) parent/guardian needs to attend.

If a scheduled parent/guardian fails to appear twice there will be a $25 fee due prior to scheduling a third class. We encourage parents/guardians to schedule this class early-on in the student's Driving Program. The RMV has mandated that this class be taken before Road Lessons can begin.

We can help with the nervousness associated with the inexperienced driver. The class is valid for 5-years. If you have already taken this class for another student at a different Driving School, please let us know so that we can get a copy of your Parent Class Certificate from the other School.

Driving Manual: $5

The Driving Manual is available from the RMV.  Although the Manual is not required, it is highly recommended for the student driver.  This Manual is included at no additional charge in the "Permit Class". You can also download the full PDF version from the RMV by clicking on this link. Download PDF Manual


Weekday at an RMV Location:

Our Students $100, Non-Students $150.

Alternate Hours Testing at our office:

Our Students $100, Non-Students & Adults $130

All Road Tests are administered by the RMV. We act as the Sponsor for the Test.

The fee for the Weekday Road Test includes: pick-up one-hour before the test, a "review" lesson, sponsorship during the test, and drop-off service.

The Alternate Hours Road Test fee does not include pick-up or drop-off service and does not include any sort of "review" lesson. A separate "review" lesson may be scheduled a few days before these types of road tests if desired. The "review" lesson is 30-Minutes long and requires special scheduling. Please contact the office for more information.

Road Test "Review" Lesson: $30 (30 minutes)

This is an additional lesson beyond the 12-Hours of BTW lessons.

It is designed to go over all of the needed skills required to pass the State issued Road-Test. It is not designed to teach you how to drive. Consider it as a last minute polish on an already trained driver needing a bit more confidence in their own skills.

Special attention is paid to test your skills in parallel parking, backing-up straight, three point turns and securing the vehicle on a hill.

Based on scheduling availability some of these items may be discussed during the lesson versus actual demonstration.

Commercial Road Lessons: (1) Hour $100

Commercial Students are those students over 18-years old who only want a few Behind-the-Wheel Road Lessons and are not fully enrolled in our Program.

All Commercial Lessons must be scheduled in advance and are only available in (1) Hour increments. Scheduling for these lessons is Monday thru Friday with a start time of either: 10:00AM, or 11:30AM. Pick-up & Drop-off service is included. Adult Road Lessons are not be available during the summer months, or school vacation weeks.





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