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What is Driver Ed???

  • Driver Education has (3) major components as required by the State.
  • If you under the age of 18-years old, and want a Massachusetts Driving License, then all (3) portions MUST be completed within 2-years of beginning the program.
  • At the successful conclusion of all (3) portions, a "Driver Education Certificate of Completion" is issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The (3) components can be taken in any order, or concurrently:

  • The Classroom Portion: The State of Massachusetts requires a total of 30-hours of Classroom Instruction. These classes are offered in a variety of ways, including 6-Hour classes, 3-Hour classes, and 2-Hour classes. There are a total of (15) Modules that need to be taught and any missed classes MUST be "made-up" before you will be considered completing this phase. There is a written "Final Exam" administered at the conclusion of the 30-Hours, and a minimum score of 80% is required to pass. There is a short quiz at the conclusion of each Module. Scoring of the quiz is provided to highlight areas needing further study on the student's part. Driver Education Manuals are available through Future Drivers of America or the RMV.
  • The Behind-the-Wheel Driving Portion, (BTW): The State of Massachusetts requires a total of 12-Hours of BTW driving with a Licensed Driving Instructor. Lessons are scheduled in advance and are either 60-Minutes or 90-Minutes in length. Students MUST have a valid Massachusetts Learner's Permit with them during these lessons. Additionally, there is 6-Hours of "Observation" time required. Observation time is when the student is seating in the back-seat of the Driving Instruction Vehicle observing the driving of another student. Observation Time must also be scheduled, and is typically provided after taking a BTW Road Lesson.
  • The Parent/Guardian Class Portion: The State of Massachusetts requires that (1) Parent, or a Guardian, attends a single 2-Hour Class as part of the Driver Training Program.  These classes are scheduled in advance and are "no-charge" for Parents/Guardians of Future Drivers of America students. A parent must take the Parent Class before the Student can begin the Road Lesson Portion of the Program.  The attendance of a class is valid for 5-Years.  If a Parent/Guardian has already taken the class at another Driving School in the past 5-Years, then a Certificate from that School is required to satisfy the Program.  We can help you obtain that Certificate from the previous School. 

Important Note:

You do not have to take all (3) Programs with the same Driving School.

For example, if you completed the Classroom Portion at one Driving School, but want to take the other two portions with a different Driving School, that is allowed.

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