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Road Test Options:

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Alternate Hours Road Tests

Still Only $100*

* see the price list page for details

We also offer:

Week-Day Road Tests at a local RMV:

If you have scheduled your Road Test at any of the RMV locations listed below, we can provide the Car and the Sponsor for your Test.

- Lowell

            - Lawrence

                            - Wilmington

                                              - Leominster

Please complete the Registration Form to request our services.(Click Here to Register)

Every "Week-Day" Road Test Sponsor Services include:

"Pick-up" & "Drop-off" Service, plus a (1) hour warm-up

lesson prior to your test, on the way to the RMV.

See the price list page for details

Payment for Road Test Service is required at time of registration.

We accept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards.

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