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COVID-19 Impact on Driver Education...

During the Summer of 2022, the RMV has lifted most of the restrictions associated with COVID 19.  Some restrictions remain in force.  If you have questions about COVID 19 please send an email to:

Classroom Sessions...

Future Drivers of America has been given permission by the RMV to continue to offer Online Classroom Sessions until February 28, 2023.  This date has been changed many times over the past two-years and may change again.  We will continue to offer both "In-Person" and "Virtual" classes during this time.

For a list of dates and times for all classroom sessions please click here: "30-Hour Class" and other product offerings.

To access the Online Classes you will need either a PC, a Tablet, or a Chromebook.  Cell phones are not acceptable.

You will need a camera and a microphone.

The Final Exam will be done on-line at the conclusion of the 15-Modules.  A score of at least 80% is required to pass.

For a complete list of Virtual Classroom rules, please click here.

To get to our normal Home Page, please click here...

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